Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Yesterday I received the 2007 Watercolor Lesson-A-Day Calendar. The lessons for each painting are vague, and I don't like the paper, but I do like the drawings and the reference images. Please realize that I am a beginner.

I took a 9x12 sheet of watercolor paper and tore it into four sections, then drew two boxes the same size as the calendar drawings. I roughly copied two of the drawings and proceeded to "paint" using paint from a W&N compact palette, not the palette supplied with the calendar.

The scan shows much more contrast in the colors than there actually is, and some of the colors are off; but, I'm the one who needs to learn to handle the paint, brushes, paper, and water!

My Moleskine watercolor books arrived today! I got a good price on them from The Art of Beautiful Living on eBay. Nice transaction and quick delivery. They have all kinds of Moleskine books.

I may copy some of the calendar drawings into a Moleskine watercolor book along with the reference images for later, away-from-home practice. Meanwhile, I will continue to use up the cheaper watercolor pads. I know I should use nicer paper, but I don't think that is so important with my skill level.

There are a few nice areas in each of the paintings (yes, tiny areas!), so I am looking forward to progress.

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