Friday, May 18, 2007


Left, Pencil. Proportions are so hard for me on a face, and this one proves it. The short nose is the worst problem. My dyslexia kept trying to turn the head to my left, not right. Originally I had some light shading before spraying it with fixative. It was then too late for corrections, but since I really need to learn to shade, more shading was added. It's probably the best I've done on people shading, but I'm disappointed with the drawing.

Right, Ink. Proportions are better, but since I was already in a downhill mood, I decided to try ink. I know I can't handle ink, so I quit before making a mess. It might be wise for me to do some practices with hair.

Picture from my photo album. The right-hand drawing is similar to the photo, but not close enough. There will be a future try.


Teri C said...

Well gosh, they look great, esp. the one on the right. I think you did a wonderful job on it.

martha said...

Well I like them both, so there. I do know what it's like to be unsatisfied though. All part of the process, right? =8^)

Alison said...

We are so clued up to notice irregularities in faces - makes it hard to sketch them realistically however practice certainly helps.

platitudinal said...

“My dyslexia kept trying to turn the head to my left, not right.”
Jenny, knowing that you had to do this when you drew the pictures; I am more impressed with the results. You did a great job in both sketches, and the shading is great. And, you have such a great attitude too :)