Tuesday, May 8, 2007

EDM's #16 & #17

The blade is actually longer on this little letter opener. I picked it up in Toledo, Spain, in the early 70's. On the flight back to the U.S. it was confiscated from my purse before the flight, though the one in the purse of a friend was not confiscated. It was returned to me on landing. I guess I shouldn't have laughed when the security guard didn't know what it was but thought it was a weapon.

U.S. customs waved me through and checked the luggage of my friends. Ha! I either looked totally dumb or totally innocent. Whatever the reason, there was nothing of interest in my possession.

Rather than sit in the living room and draw my piano, I copied this one from a magazine.


Anonymous said...

Very nice drawings! The ones you do from photos look like children's books illustrations!!

Anita said...

Beautiful letter opener, I have a similar one myself.