Tuesday, May 15, 2007

EDM's #20 & #21

EDM 20. Where is Dad? Playing golf ... except at nighttime or during hurricanes. Original picture from my photo album. His legs and the club should have been longer, and the pen point and I did not agree on where to go for his face, but his stance is about right. His outfit is unusual in that he usually wore non-matching designs and colors.

EDM 21. A chocolate pot from my grandmother. Not an antique, but it's old. Anyone for a cup of hot chocolate?


José Louro said...

Everiday i pass here. Good work.

platitudinal said...

I like the sketch of your dad playing golf. So, he’s real passionate about the sport, eh?
And the pot is lovely! Did your grandmother use to give you a cup of hot chocolate from that pot?