Friday, July 20, 2007

Anonymous Critiques

Many of you have enjoyed reading the two anonymous critiques/comments about my artwork which were left in my previous post, so the link to the comments has been added to my links' list. These comments are very informative, and I hope you will find them helpful.

The above photo was grabbed from some photos I took last year, tossed into Photoshop, and zapped with the watercolor filter. The font chosen was the one last used, though the leading and letter spacing were quickly tweaked. That's one way to paint fast and loose in minutes!

Edit: The photo is of a snowball plant. It's around eight feet tall and loaded with snowballs.


caseytoussaint said...

Cool. I'd have sworn it was a painting!

Claudia said...

Thank you, Jenny, for your nice comment on my blog!!!
P.S. I like your bird's painting (from the last post) a lot!