Friday, July 6, 2007

Brown-Headed Cowbird

Something needs to change in my computer area so I can comfortably draw and watercolor images from the monitor. Currently there is poor lighting and minimal surface nearby to hold a palette, brushes, and water cups. An option would be to print the images, but the ink cartridges are expensive, the colors are sometimes off, and I had hoped working from the monitor would be easier than it is.

This bird is based on a photo from The Nature Nook on flickr.


Lin said...

HOW WELL DONE, Jenny! I used to see a lot of these birds when I lived in a more urban area ... don't seem them much any more... I so agree too with your comments re the ink and monitor differences ... I have 3" betwee my wrists and keyboard!! LOL

SUPER JOB, JEnny ---really well done!

Lynn said...

Very nice, Jenny. You did an exceptionally good job on the details of the bird's feet.

G's Cottage said...

You didn't specifically ask for suggestions so feel free to ignore. But is it possible to have a second "remote" monitor?