Sunday, July 8, 2007

EDM #51

Craig Ferguson, the naughty, fun-loving Scotsman and host of The Late Late Show on CBS, keeps me up late into the night Monday through Friday each week. His latest bit of nonsense while he awaits his U.S. citizenship is to gain honorary citizenships throughout the U.S. (all legally meaningless). It started when the town of Ozark, Arkansas, gave him honorary citizenship because he often spoke kindly of Ozark and the fried catfish served in their restaurants. Since then he has received honorary citizenships in over 20% of the towns and cities in the U.S., and a majority of those have been received because governors of ten or so states have offered honorary citizenship to their states. Those from governors usually show the comedic skills of either the governors or their staff writers.

Apologies to Mr. Ferguson for my poor artwork. He's very attractive and deserves more than a quick sketch in a small Moleskine, but it's one more EDM Challenge done for me.

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Tracy said...

i hadnt seen this on the list of edm challenges - i think thats a tough one! nice and now i am going to have to try and catch that show sometime - sounds funny!