Wednesday, August 1, 2007

EDM's #55, #56, #57

It kinda' looks like a door knob.

It kinda' looks like me. Jawline and chin should be more narrow. The hair has a lot of highlights ... it's silvery ... it's grey! Because it's so curly, the only choice in hairstyle is the length of the curls. Hmmm. If the hair is grey, then age lines are missing from the drawing. Oops.

The picture is an inkblot done with colored inks. I discovered I could manipulate the ink on folded paper to form a butterfly shape. Years ago friends were pushing me to do these so they could have one, but I only did a few.

My EDM-dedicated, watercolor Moleskine is finally filled. The first page has color swatches, and the rest of the pages are EDM challenges done in sequence. Most of the drawings are ink and watercolor. Doing the challenges in the Moleskine forced me to do something reasonable on the first try while practicing the use of watercolor.

Though it's nice to have them together in one book, future EDM challenges will be done wherever and however suits the mood of the moment. Also, I may destroy my first tries when needed.

I haven't enjoyed drawing and painting recently, but I've continued because practice is the only way I will eventually improve. Maybe having finally completed this book will help in that now there are only two Moleskine's going, a small sketchbook and a small watercolor book.


Lin said...

Super doorknob!! VEry fance too! Congrats on finishing your moleskine!!!

suzanne said...

I can completely understand your decision to complete the EDM challenges "wherever and however." While it is awesome you have them altogether, it does put a pressure on to make each one perfect...which can sometimes take away from the fun of it all.

Congratulations on a job well done!

platitudinal said...

Hey, congratulations upon completing your sketchbook. I applaud you for staying at course even on days that you didn't feel like it.

I remain duly impressed
Luci ... she who cannot finished writing the whole notebook or drawing half of the sketchbook.

phthaloblu said...

Congrats on finishing your moleskine. I, too, applaud you for staying on course. Your drawings are wonderful. I love that doorknob, it's so pretty!