Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Tiny Bijou Box

My new Bijou Box is definitely cute! It's about 3" x 2.25" x .75". Eight Winsor & Newton Artist's half-pans and a travel brush come with the set, and there's room for four more half-pans while still leaving room for the brush.

It was a bargain at $35, including shipping. The half-pans alone would cost over $50 through an online discount shop. Though I have more than enough small travel palettes, I just had to have this one! I knew it would be small, but I didn't realize how tiny it actually is. Cute-cute-cute!

Since I already have a small palette with W&N Artist's Colors, I've filled this one with MaimeriBlu primary and secondary, pure-pigment colors along with Raw Sienna. With room for four additional half-pans, more colors can be added later.

It's fun to play with tools, but they are more effective when used rather than admired. Time to return to practicing. Oh, did I mention that my tiny Bijou Box is really cute?


Margie said...

Thankyou for the product information! I'm about to bite the bullet and buy the first watercolors I've wielded in a very long time. My limited color research says some blues have too much red to make a decent green and the same for some yellows being too red; thus leading to muddy greens. I never thought of blue containing red, or yellow either for that matter. I remember lots of muddy greens. I'd like to get off on the right foot this time. What blues/yellows do you use?

Jennifer Lawson said...

Where did you get that cute little bijou box?