Sunday, September 30, 2007

WetCanvas! Again

Yet another WetCanvas! Invitation/Challenge has been subjected to a watercolor attempt by me.

Too fiddly. I just can't seem to loosen up, though there are a few areas that aren't as tight as the others. I quit when I knew I would only fiddle more. Also, too much time was invested in doing the master and transferring it to the paper, so I may have tired of it before the watercolor was added. This one may be worth a second try in a few months.

5"x7", Fabriano Aristico paper, MaimeriBlu and W&N watercolors.


Anita said...

Ok, so it does look a little bit rigid but I LOVE the brick wall and the flower pots.

josé louro said...

The right thing is just keep up. Is much more then the almost people do.