Wednesday, October 17, 2007

EDM #73 - Draw a Mailbox

Wouldn't it be nice that instead of walking to the corner mailbox, the mailbox would walk to you? My postman comes to my door, so it's easy for me to avoid walking mailboxes.

My grandmother would send me a boxes of stationery with a sheet of stamps when I was a child. She always chose pretty stationery, and it was a pleasure using her gifts to write letters to her.

This is the first time I really tried watercolors on a Moleskine sketchbook page, though I had tried a few test patches previously. Definitely bad news. I'll never try this again.


Teri C said...

LOL, this is really great! I have so much trouble with my postoffice that I could really use this walking mailbox!! Oh could I ever!

Africantapestry said...

This is cute! I find it sad that technology took away those so welcome letters that arrived in your mailbox...I miss that, like you say, the pretty stationary, the fragrant paper, the lovely stamps..

Diahn said...

Wonderful! My grandmother used to do the same thing...

DON'T give up on the watercolors in the just takes some patience and perseverence...and a little relaxing of what you think they ought to look like - it really can be quite fun!!