Wednesday, October 24, 2007

EDM #76 - Draw Some Flowers

After I printed the photo of these lilies, I thought I remembered drawing them before. No, the photo is a different one. This sketch is looser than the previous one, so I'm beginning to loosen up at times.

One sad habit of mine is to rest my hand in wet ink or wet paint. This time I chose the ink. I'm an adult, and I know better. Maybe I can blame it all on my fading brain cells.

This is a thumbnail of my previous lilies sketch.


Bonny said...

Jenny, this is lovely! I really love the colours you chose as well.
Oh good!! I'm NOT the only one who rests part of her hand in fresh paint!!!

Teri C said...

So pretty and soft. I like it a lot.

Anita said...

Lovely composition and colour