Tuesday, November 6, 2007

EDM #79 - Draw An Ear

I did better ears in this sketchbook when it was first started. These ears are all too wide, or too short. I've noticed this problem before, but here it's very obvious. Just something to correct as I do future drawings.


platitudinal said...

I like the ears study, Jenny. It would be nice if the link of your previous ear study is included. It’s always exciting to see how the sketches progress from one point to next.
*I wish you also drew elf’s ears. They are narrow and long, not to mention pointy.

Jenny said...

One was supposed to be an elf's ear, but the proportions are incorrect.

she with shoe in her mouth said...

Jenny, I was going to remark, “Oh, is it the one on the bottom left?” But, I already have one shoe in my mouth, I don’t know whether I can fit another one.

Thousand of apologies!