Sunday, November 11, 2007

EDM #84 - Draw Bread

Though I'm generally useless in the kitchen, I can make and bake biscuits. Visits to my grandmother meant there would be biscuits. At dinner it was difficult to choose between a biscuit with butter or a biscuit with gravy, so I would have one of each. Sometimes there would be another biscuit with butter and fig preserves. No one could understand why I was so skinny.

Every now and then I need a biscuit fix, so off I go to destroy the kitchen with flour everywhere. I make a enough to stock a good supply in the freezer. My favorite biscuit treat is hot, buttered biscuits with iced tea.


caseytoussaint said...

Mm - you've just inspired me to go bake some biscuits. Lovley sketch, and congratulations on keeping up on all these EDM challenges.

vickylw said...

Definitely made me hungry for some homemade biscuits now! Nice sketch!