Thursday, November 15, 2007

Last Page of First Moleskine Sketchbook

Dumb drawing, but it's the last page of the Moleskine sketchbook I started in February. During this time I've completed one Moleskine watercolor book with only EDM challenges, and I've almost completed another Moleskine watercolor book.

I used my new Lamy Safari pen with Noodler's Lexington Gray ink. This is my second Lamy Safari, and I'm really disappointed. Though the nib is EF (extra fine), it's more of a medium point. My first one also has an EF nib, but it's not smooth. This one is smooth, but I prefer a truly fine nib.

The Noodler's Lexington Gray is interesting. It's the color of graphite. I'm ordering another Pilot 78G with a fine nib so I can have the extra fine line I'm after with this ink. I think I will enjoy this ink. Sometimes black ink seems too stark for my mood at the time.


Ella said...

I like this drawing. Looks calming. I am also not the biggest fan of the Lami Safari. My EF nib is actually fine, but extremely scratchy on the paper.

platitudinal said...

Jenny, as Ellas said the drawing has a calming feel to it. I like it as well.

There was a time when I liked to draw with fine, soft lines. I used a "dip pen" (the kind that you must dip into the ink well). I never found anything as fine as that nib.