Monday, December 31, 2007

EDM #98 - Free Choice: Draw Anything You Like

Last summer I ordered a small Lama Li watercolor book that was described as having cold-pressed paper. The name Lama Li was nowhere on the label or book, and even though the label stated cold pressed, the paper is rough. I was just starting to learn watercolors, and I did not want something new and strange in the mix. The book was put aside.

Feeling sorry for the poor, neglected book, I pulled it out to give it a try. Interesting paper. The paper won't take any abuse, but I like the way colors react. The book will be put away again, waiting for the time my skills develop more and I can handle the paper.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This paper sounds interesting. I have some cards that are supposed to be for watercolor. The paint doesn't flow on it at all. Very frustrating. It does take practice for sure. Good luck in 2008.


Lin said...

I like these, Jenny!!! I've been using Raffine for so long, even with other sketchbooks like Moleskine watercolor book, I tend to go back to my Raffine -- I guess it's what we're used to. May 2008 be wonderful for you!! HAPPY 2008!

caseytoussaint said...

The colors here are brilliant. I've heard other people complain about working on Lama Li - but this looks pretty good from hre. Happy 2008, Jenny!