Sunday, January 20, 2008

EDM #102 - Power Plug

Night lights a great for rooms where I have to walk in the dark to get to a lamp or light switch. They're actually bright enough to sometimes not bother with turning on a regular light if I'm only there for a moment. I'm sure I purchased more than one shell night light many years ago, but the others disappeared during a couple of moves.

Lexington Gray ink by Noodler's was used with this drawing. Even though the gray ink spreads more than the black ink, it dries quickly, does not smear, and was not affected by the watercolor. Now what do I do? If I use their black ink, it takes forever to dry enough for the watercolor, but it maintains a fine line. The Lexington Gray gives a broader line, but it can be used almost immediately with watercolor. I'll unhappily choose the Lexington Gray when I don't want to wait for hours until it's safe to use watercolor over the black


Genine said...

This is great!

ElizT said...

It is. Really attractive.