Monday, January 28, 2008

EDM #108 - Draw a Light Bulb

Red Light District !!!

The challenge was meant for a larger, more detailed drawing of a light bulb, and I cheated. I don't live in a red light district, but I do have a 20-year-old light bulb that is used in my outside light during the Christmas season. It would have been easier to draw a light bulb only.


Lin said...

Jenny!!! You must love a challenge!!! LOL This is fabulous! I love the trees, perspective, and the lightbulb!! I think this also qualified for sketching stairs too?!! GREAT JOB!

josé louro said...

Its good in this way. with the background

vickylw said...

I really love how you drew this as a vignette! That is the style I would like to learn to do more of --- I don't seem to know when to stop!