Saturday, May 17, 2008

EDM #143 - Draw an Herb or Spice

Oregano from some near my front door. The grounds keepers aren't sure if it's a weed or something to leave alone.

This fountain pen is now loaded with Platinum Carbon Black Ink. The lines are thicker than with Noodler's Black, and that might be a difference in ink flow or using the back side of the page. The Carbon Black dries much, much more quickly on the Moleskine watercolor paper without any problems. The Noodler's Black takes forever to dry, and I have to use a Kneaded Rubber to pick up excess residue before using watercolors. I may be switching from Noodler's Black to the Platinum Carbon Black.


Anita Davies said...

Great sketch and interesting to read about the ink differences.

platitudinal said...


The simplicity sets the oregano as the main star.