Tuesday, June 3, 2008

EDM #146 - Draw a Favorite Food

Toasted marshmallows are tasty, and when placed between graham cracker squares with a square of Hershey bar (s'mores), they become a delightful sugar fix.

Rather than build a camp fire and place marshmallow on a stick for toasting, I find careful use of a toaster oven on broil with marshmallows on a Pam-sprayed piece of aluminum foil in a tray is quicker and neater. This should be done when no one else is around so sharing is not a problem.

Though I've enjoyed using pan watercolors, I've always used a separate mixing area such as a porcelain plate rather than the pan palette mixing areas. Now I'm trying to use the palette which holds the pans. It's difficult since I'm used to a larger mixing area, but practice should win out. For backup, though, I have a small mixing palette and tins with white interiors if extra or larger mixing areas are needed away from home.

I'm using my Schmincke palette right now (finally!), and the colors really are beautiful and intense. They are more opaque than my other paints (usually Maimeriblu), but I don't consider that a problem for now. It's just different.

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Sandy said...

What a GREAT sketch, I can see you are a Professional Marshmallow toaster Person!!