Tuesday, June 24, 2008

People Practice 08

Looks very much like the original photograph. I knew when I started the inked shading for the cheek bone that it was a bad move, but it's part of learning. I am encouraged with getting such close similarities with some of the faces, and everything else will come with practice.

From my photo album.


Anita Davies said...

Beautifully drawn.
I know how you feel with the shading,I find it works when I do loads or when I do none at all...Inbetween that always looks just that to me...Inbetween!
Saying that, I don't think the cheek distracts at all here, I think it's balanced by the shading at the top of her head.

suzanne said...

Oh...I've done the very same thing with shading before too! But I agree with Anita, here it doesn't distract at all.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are so right about practice making sketches better. I have been watching your art sense grow since I found your blog some time ago. I am amazed and inspired at how your art has improved with practice. Truly an inspiration for me. I don't always comment but I tag along.

ujwala said...

beautiful drawing. i agree with anita. me, i always go overboard with my pen & inks. it begins either when i give people moustaches or beards with my shading and need to add lots more to try and recover. lol! you dont have that problem at all!!