Thursday, August 14, 2008

People Practice 10

Time to get back to drawing. Since I pulled out my oils, I've been reading and reading about painting with oils. No practice. I had done this before, but I never got to the point of remembering the color names much less remembering how to mix colors, though the process made sense. Doing watercolors since then has made a huge difference in my color knowledge.

I've also been sidetracked by reading about and comparing pochade boxes. They are interesting, though I have no use for one. After years of lugging around two, heavy camera bags loaded with two Hasselblad cameras and various, hefty lenses, my days of lugging are over. A sketchbook, tiny watercolor paint box, and a Niji waterbrush seem perfect for me.


platitudinal said...

My, you are travelling light these days :) I am looking forward to see more of your sketches and further oil work. It has been a pleasure to see your journey in watercolor art. Perhaps we'll see the same with your oil painting?

Stephanie said...

what a sweet child! Love the little curl on the top of the head. :)