Sunday, December 28, 2008

Testing Hot Press Paper

Hot press paper is supposed to be more difficult than cold press paper for watercolor, though I have seen it used beautifully by many people. I bought some to make sketchbooks. After making a folded sketchbook per Nina's instructions and completed example, I thought it might be time to give the paper a try.

Nice paper! Any problems with the paper will be due to operator error, not the paper.

I have a couple of other sketchbooks that are almost completed, so I will finish them shortly before working more with this one. I am seriously considering ditching my Hand-Book sketchbook in which I am doing my People Practice sketches. I really don't like the paper, and the pages won't flatten enough at the spine for decent scans. I've only stuck with it so far because I need the practice more than a change of paper, but I am unhappy.

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trish said...

your kitty is so cute:) I did my first watercolor last night, well, with the watercolor pencils-next I'll try the tubes-I love your blog, so much inspiration:)