Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oil Painting #10 - WetCanvas! January '09 Landscape Challenge

Another WetCanvas! Landscape Challenge try. Done enough! After cleaning my palette, I spotted a few more things to do, but it was time to give it up. This is my tenth oil painting, and I am still amazed the oil sticks to the canvas.

There's so much to remember at the same time, but it's easier than my first oil painting. Some of the how-to's are beginning to sink in.

They offer a total of three landscapes to try, and I may try another.

5"x7", Artisan oils, canvas pad.


africantapestry said...

Beautifiul Jenny...10th paiting? Looks like you've been doing this more!

caseytoussaint said...

Very nice work. It seems that everyone I know is moving over to oil!

E-J said...

Such a steep learning curve with oils, from a technical point of view. I have never applied myself for long enough to get to grips with them. I am sure you will master them ... your landscapes are great!