Friday, February 13, 2009

Oil Painting #12 - WetCanvas! February '09 Landscape Challenge

Yup, tried another Wetcanvas! challenge.

I have noticed that I have the same sequence to my artwork.

1. I can do this.
2. This is not going the way I want.
3. Keep trying.
4. This is awful.
5. Keep trying.
6. Hmmm. There are one or two acceptable areas.
7. Keep trying.
8. It's not getting better.
9. Fiddling does not help.
10. Give it up.

5"x7", oil on canvas pad.

1 comment:

Sarah Ketelaars said...

Love the sequence to your thoughts when doing an artwork! i think a lot of us have a similar process going on. Last week at my art class i was nearly in tears at how bad my drawing was (unlike me as normally i'm quite happy even though i know i'm not brilliant but i just love the process so much.) Anyhow, my teacher wisely made me push on - rubbing through, painting over and just carrying on till i'd rescued a disaster! i learnt a lot from that (i'd definitely have given up if i'd been alone) yet carrying on through the wanting to give up stage really paid off.
Still, looking at your stunning canvas i can't imagine why you'd ever worry! It's beautiful work...