Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pastel #10-1/2

Revised painting.

Original painting.

Some changes were made to the painting in my previous post, mainly to emphasize lighter and darker areas. I was actually testing a new pastel fixative, SpectraFix, to see how I liked it, so the changes were done quickly and with more thought to the fixative than the painting. I prefer the revisions (thanks, Paula, for the suggestions), and I like the SpectraFix.

The photo adds brown to the orange area, but the other colors are close enough.

The SpectraFix is odor-free, and that alone is enough to be fond of the product. Other fixatives have a toxic, strong odor, but the SpectraFix is not toxic, and there is no odor. It's in a pump-spray container, and I need to become familiar with the distance to use for spraying and the least amount to spray at a time. Now I won't avoid fixing the base layers of pastels.

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Paula Ann Ford said...

You've done a beautiful job on this painting Jenny!! The changes really make it a much stronger piece!