Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gossip Monger and Cyber Bully

Perez Hilton has been known to hurl insults at celebrities and their families on his gossip website. Snarky comments about the children of celebrities is a favorite pasttime of his. He delights in drawing male sex organs and more over the photographs of celebrities. He is nothing more than a nasty cyber bully.

He is overly kind to celebrities who stoop to acknowledge his existence and shower him with complements.

He makes a sport of outing gay celebrities rather than respecting their personal choice of making their private information public. Recently he published photographs of gay private moments that included one celebrity. So, now he officially has a porn gossip site and is a porn cyber bully.

I was delighted to read that a few weekends ago he screamed a gay insult at someone and was punched in the face for his effort. He then went into Twitter hysterics when the police did not arrive in seconds and broadcast a plea on Twitter for people to contact the Toronto police on his behalf. Great way to flood the 911 center with nonsense calls about a low-priority situation. Hilton had a minor cut under his eye and gave the incorrect name of his alleged assailant.

To garner more sympathy after his Twitter tirade, Hilton did a 11-12-minute sobbing, drama video about the incident. He couldn't believe that his misbehavior would cause a punch in his face. Duh. Not condoned, but about time. Nothing, of course, was his fault. Someone quipped that the minor cut healed before the end of the drama-filled video.

Now he is suing the correct alleged assailant and has said will give the proceeds of the suit to the Matthew Shepard Foundation. That was news to the Foundation, and they declined his offer, pointing out that . " ... the Matthew Shepard Foundation has worked for more than 10 years to bring to people's attention the consequences of hateful or intolerant language."

The backlash to Hilton's actions took awhile to sink in for him. The only thing really bruised is his ego. He has tried a few half-hearted and obviously damage-control apologies, but few believe him.

Though the backlash was strong, Hilton topped everything by making snarky remarks in a recent post and on a photograph about Michael Jackson being rushed to the hospital. Once word was out that Jackson had died, Hilton edited the copy of his post to something kind, but forgot to delete the photograph on which he had written a heartless remark. Word finally go through to him, and he deleted the photograph. Too late. Screen shots of the original post with the photograph are all over the internet as well as written direct quotes of the full text of his post.

His most recent posts are kinder to celebrities, but it's nothing more than a try at improving his image. Many people have finally had enough of him. He is no longer amusing to some. He's just nasty. Those who have disliked him all along are having a well-deserved laugh.

Perez Hilton's real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. This might be a good time for him to start using it instead of "Perez Hilton".


Kathy McCreedy said...

Brava! Great cartoon drawing of the bully, and I wholeheartedly support your comments... thank you for sharing that post with us. Couldn't have said it better myself!

Anon said...

What goes around, comes around and it's about time it came around for him. Great post! And a great drawing of, yes, "the cyber porn bully".

Alex said...

Despite the story, it's a great drawing, and actually a very cute one :)

Lynn said...

Cute drawing! Hilton is a piece of work, isn't he? It's a sad commentary on our society that he gets a lot of fame and fortune for being a mean-spirited bully who delights in degrading others' talents.

Jenny said...

There are efforts on the internet to boycott Perez Hilton by avoiding his site and complaining to his advertisers. There are numerous anti Perez Hilton sites. Here's one:

Stop Perez Hilton