Friday, October 12, 2007

EDM #71 - Draw Your Favorite Sport

Golf was once my favorite sport. The scenery was always beautiful, especially viewed while walking down the center of the fairway. The view in the rough was never good, and finding the golf ball was never easy.

I had a five handicap, but I didn't understand handicaps. Because I couldn't make par on every hole, I thought I wasn't very good.

My favorite indoor sport is jumping conclusions.


Teri C said...

First I LOL with the remark of jumping to conclusions! The golf course looks great!!

Margie said...

Oh, I'll have to remember your last remark to try in a conversation of my own! The blade of grass with the seed-head on it is also very lyrical.

platitudinal said...

It took me a while, but I finally spot the elusive golf ball (grin & wink). I like the hole in the distant … looking very much like the Promised Land.

*Just when I think I’m not proficient in any sport, you revealed that I’m actually one. I would say that I’m an Olympic caliber athlete in Jumping Conclusion.