Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Fountain Pens

My only interest in roses is that they confuse me so drawing them is good practice. The first was drawn with Micron pens. Since I learned to write with a fountain pen, I find the angle needed to use technical, roller, ballpoint, and disposable pens difficult.

I have a Lamy Safari, EF nib, but its shape near the nib does not suit me, and the Noodler's ink in the pen took hours and care to dry. Even then it would sometimes smudge.

Today's mail brought me two inexpensive pens: a Pilot 78G, F nib, and a Hero Accountant, XXF nib.

The second rose was done with the Pilot 78G with a fine nib. Do not blame the skill of the drawing on the pen. It was a pleasure to hold. It's a Japanese pen, and the F nib equates to our XF nib. The Noodler's ink from this pen dried within minutes, so less ink must be coming through the nib. The nib is much smoother than that of my Lamy Safari. This may be the pen for me!

The Hero Accountant pen is also nice, but I've only used it to write a few words. The ink line seems close that of the Pilot F nib. It's also a smooth writer.


Robyn said...

Beautifully illustrated. You have obviously been practising them well.

Africantapestry said...

I agree with Robyn, beautiful; and I especially love the second one, which has a little softer touch to it, really lovely. I also enjoyed reading your experiences with all the different pens, thanks for the info.

Teri C said...

I love working with pens and enjoyed hearing about your experiences. I use Stadlier pens and ballpoint-have not ventured beyond them so this was wonderful. Thanks.

Genine said...

i think these are fantastic, great job!!!

I think I am going to order an accountant pen too!! Thanks for sharing the info

Again great job.

Ujwala said...

the roses look beautiful and now i have two more pens to look out for :D thanks for the tip. i have used mainly Rotring Art Pens and Lamy so far.