Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Learned a Couple of Things

Masking fluid was used for the first time in the flower centers. Luckily only small dots were needed, and I could barely handle those. I will definitely practice masking before using it on anything serious.

Usually I'll make sure any pencil lines are very faint before starting to paint, but in this case it was the wrong thing to do. Once I washed the purples and blues over the whole flower area, I could barely see a few of the penciled lines. Most of the defining of the flower petals was guesswork. Someone didn't think ahead on this one! Lesson learned.

One more page to go in this Moleskine watercolor book. There's pressure to do decent work on the first and last few pages. I shouldn't worry so much. It's only for practice and fun.

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Africantapestry said...

I love this hydrangea flower Jenny...the colour is beautiful and you've played nicely with lights and darks. I'm also hesitant on using masking fluid...I sometimes get such hard unattractive edges - ignorance of course!!