Thursday, November 22, 2007

Second Watercolor Moleskine Finished

Of course these flowers did not turn out as planned, but it's the last page of my third Moleskine pocket book. I've finished one sketchbook, one watercolor book with only EDM Challenges, and one watercolor book with everything. It was kinda' crazy when I had all three going at once. If nothing else, they're proof in book form that I have worked on drawing and painting this year.

I started a small Raffine sketchbook a few months ago, and I will stick with that one until it's finished. I have new Moleskine watercolor pocket book that I can throw in my purse in case of emergency.

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Africantapestry said...

congratualtions on finishing another moleskine! Isn't it satisfying to browse through you rpevious full books and see you old work? I get such a kick from it, I then always imagine myself as this wonderful artist with all these full books on my shelves....sigh!! a very nice, vibrant last entry in your book. You can close the book happy on this one.