Monday, April 7, 2008

EDM #129 - People Doing Something

How 'bout little people doing something? Kids on swings is a great activity, though motion sickness kept my swinging time to very short spurts. I only did it because the other kids did.

This sketch was actually a disaster in my watercolor Moleskine. It's on the back side of the paper, so the ink spread even though it was Rapidograph ink. Then, I found the paper too rough to suit me for colored pencil. Still, using colored pencils always makes me feel like I'm doing the adult version of color-crayons. Perhaps I should purchase a coloring book and pull out my color-crayons!

1 comment:

josé louro said...

The Moleskines aren't very good to watercolor. Beside, they are very expensive here in Portugal.
Nevertheless, good trying.
(I can say the same about mi english)