Tuesday, April 8, 2008

EDM #130 - Draw School Supplies

Although I am attracted to school supplies, I haven't needed any in decades. This is a recent stapler purchase that should be considered an art supply.

My regular staplers weren't strong enough to control on gatorboard, and I didn't want to use my heavy-duty stapler, so I tried this PaperPro stapler. It's supposed to work with a light finger touch and easily staple 20 sheets at a time.

It's perfect for stretching watercolor paper on gatorboard! It has so much more power than a regular stapler, and it's a delight to use. It uses the same staples as a regular stapler. I already have three or four boxes of 1,000 staples each stashed away.

It can be stored horizontally like a regular stapler or vertically as shown. The vertical position is nice because it takes up less space.

The only minor problem is that when I open it wide to use the stapler on the gatorboard, it thinks I'm opening it to refill the staples, so I must open it with care and close the staples holder section. No big deal.


PamYla said...

This is a great painting. I have never seen this stapler before, and what please if gator board? Its out of ignorance that I ask

Jenny said...

Gatorboard is similar to foamcore, but it is stiffer and has a plastic surface instead of paper. More expensive too. I use 1/2-inch thick board, and it can be stapled many, many times for stretching watercolor paper. I've heard some people have used theirs with staples for years.

I've also used it for stretching with paper gummed tape. I was super-careful when knifing out the watercolor paper, and the excess tape released easily after being dampened for awhile.