Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WetCanvas! August Challenge & EDM #184

Ah-ha! The WetCanvas! August Challenge includes an outside bench, so this also covers EDM Challenge #184 with the bench.

The scan changed the dull purple bricks to screaming purples, but the other colors are close enough. I originally meant to only suggest bricks and use a multi-brick-color area, but I got carried away. I freehanded those babies! No guidelines! I'll never be able to do that again.

Not what I had in mind, but one day I will be able to do my mental vision.

5x7, Fabriano Aristico Traditional, MaimeriBlu watercolors.

Update: I fiddled around with the painting by darkening the greens a lot and a few other areas a little. The second try is on the right. Nothing special, but I do like the darker colors.


Carol C said...

This is beautiful and I see nothing wrong with the color! Great rendering of the door, the bricks, the bench, the pots...etc....just great all around!

Lin said...

SUPER SUPER JOB ON THIS JENNY!!! I especially love the bench -- a difficult thing to render weight and heft and you've done that as beautifully as you've done the bricks and the flagstones, and the pots, and and and!!

Shirley said...

It's wonderful. I even really like the purple bricks!! The setting is so lovely, I would really like to be sitting there reading this afternoon.

caseytoussaint said...

Wow - beautiful detail. I like the purple bricks too! This looks like a wonderful, peaceful place to be.

Anita Davies said...

Great piece, I like the darks you added.