Friday, September 5, 2008

EDM #161 and Painting with Oils

EDM #161 - Draw Something That Smells Wonderful.

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and been surprised with the wonderful scent of ripening cantaloupe? It's more fun if you've forgotten the cantaloupe has been awaiting your attention. A nice quarter slice is sufficient, and I prefer mine at room temperature. The remainder is cut into chunks and placed in the refrigerator for future nibbling.

I tried oils again, though I'm only at the stage of becoming familiar with moving the paint around. Very simple compositions are all I can handle for now. Before I tried the cantaloupe, I pulled out the apple that I tried previously and made a few changes. I like the revised apple best (bottom image). 5"x7".

How am I supposed to store my practice oil paintings? Don't they need access to sunlight to prevent yellowing? Then there's the time it takes to dry. There's nothing worth framing, but I would like to keep them awhile as a reference against possible future improvement. I keep my watercolors in notebooks or in a box, but I cannot do that with these oils. So far I have finished two 5x7's, but I don't look forward to these things multiplying and drying throughout my home.


Teri C said...

OMG, these are beautiful! I have not used oils so can't help with the questions. But these are just so beautiful....

Judybec said...

what fabulous color!!! especially the cantaloupe. Maybe you could hang them in the garage (if you have one) till they dry?

marciglenn said...

Jenny - thank you for visiting my blog. I love your cantalope painting. Looks good enough to eat. I am a newbie so I can't offer you any suggestions on painting, but as for storing, maybe consider putting temporary hang tags on the back of the canvas and hang them around the house, perhaps in a spare bedroom? Just a thought.

Luba said...

Jenny, I can almost smell the cantalope! Love that color, too!

Gexton said...

Striking painting, I love it. Her expression is so well captured.
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