Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oil Paintings #7, #8, & #9

My computer died the end of October, though I did not receive the final bad news until this past Friday, so now I'm using my really old computer. Between my ADD and my slow, old computer, I may wander away before completing this post.

One would think that I would use the time without a computer to practice drawing and painting a lot, but I did very little. Reading how-to art books took up some time, and I hope I absorbed some of the information.

These paintings were done from photographs in The Big Book of Painting Nature in Oil. I did not try to do them like the paintings in the book.

All 5"x7" on canvas pad.

Since these have been drying for two or three weeks, I tried scanning them instead of photographing them. The oil colors are much closer to the originals than when I scan watercolors.


platitudinal said...

Hehehe, just don't wander away too far, Jenny. We want you back with more pictures!

These paintings are great. I like the middle painting. That tree dominate the canvass boldly and confidently. It commands attention. And the blue sky behind emphasizes its importance. The bottom one makes me think of woodland magic ... are there elves hiding behind? The top one with its interesting shape ... I wonder if a darker color scheme would fit better its enigmatic appearance. Okay, this is a long comment. I hope you don't wander away in the midst of reading this ;D

*I'm so glad you're back!!!

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Oooh, really lovely work. I like all three, but especially the one in the middle.