Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Toys

Three new toys!

1. New high-powered, massive-harddrive-space computer. This one runs XP Pro with the option to switch to Vista when I wish. I'm happy with XP on which all of my programs work.

2. DSL. It's time to give up on dial-up and switch to DSL.

3. A beautiful EasyL Lite pochade box and tripod from Artwork Essentials. I am very impressed with the quality and ease-of-use of the box, and the tripod is much nicer than expected. The box and tripod are around 3.5 pounds each, so it's a light setup compared to others. I added a pane of glass, painted grey on the back, to the palette and sealed it with silicone. I like the way a panel can be raised above the palette when painting, and only two, very thin, metal rods hold the panel at the top.

Since I am focusing on setting up my computer and clearing my workroom of old computer stuff (yeah, I still have floppies sitting around, though they were copied to CD's ages ago), drawing and painting have come to a halt. When I finish with my computer and housekeeping chores, I will be free to play with my pencils and colors again.

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mARTa said...

I love new toys!!! I just got a studio easel and am loving it too!!! Enjoy!